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How We Got Started

    Hello, my name is Jason Weaver, and I am the President, CEO of DELux Energy, Inc. Like many children before me, as a little boy my dream was to change the world. Unlike most kids, however, I never outgrew that desire. Throughout high school, college, and as a young professional, I just couldn’t shake this dream. As I grew into a man, the earth had changed. Melting polar ice caps, acid rain, and even increased rates of skin cancer were tangible evidence that our ecosystem was being adversely affected. Years of debate culminated in one conclusion, fossil fuels are damaging our environment, and these fuels are going to run out. We all know that the earths resources are finite. Whether it’s 70 years, or 250 years, the world’s oil, coal reserves, and natural gas supplies will be depleted. In the meantime, the more carbon we burn, the more pollution, Ozone holes, and global warming we create.

    I believe all challenges are opportunities, and this was mine. So in 2005, I set out on a journey to make my mark on the world. I cofounded a company (Starlights, Inc.) and began developing new energy efficient technology, primarily centered around Light Emitting Diodes. My goal was, and still is, to reduce the amount of natural resources we consume, and thus the amount of carbon pollution we produce on a daily basis. More than a dozen patents later (and a lot of hard knocks along the way) I’m excited to share my vision with you. We have partnered with local utility companies to bring you $1 LED bulbs. These bulbs are up to 90% more energy efficient than the bulbs they replace, are brighter, run cooler, and contain no mercury or other harmful chemicals that are found in fluorescent bulbs. With the help of our utility partners, our goal is to replace as many light bulbs as possible with LEDs, thereby reducing consumption of our natural resources and reducing carbon pollution.

    Though not all bulbs are eligible for this promotion, we do have a solution for nearly every application. We also continue to add utility partners throughout the states, and welcome the opportunity to talk to your local utility company about bringing $1 LED bulbs to your community. If you are a contractor, we would love to communicate with you too, as we need help throughout the US installing these lights. Though this business model has not been popular with some competitors, I have never let money get in the way of doing the right thing. While our profit margins aren’t breathtaking, we will all breathe easier if we can work together. So I ask you to join our team. Together we can reduce pollution and eradicate energy waste, one kilowatt at a time- # kill-a-watt.

Your friend,

Jason P. Weaver
President, CEO
DELux Energy, Inc.

Remodeling and Home Design